With Honeywell’s announcement of a last time buy of all SOI-IV, SOI-V, and S150 based foundry technologies, there is no need to assume a life-time buy is the only solution. HX2000, HX3000 and HX5000 ASICs and Honeywell’s RadHard standard products can be replaced with form, fit, function equivalent products through All Tech Electronics.

All Tech Electronics has a long-standing relationship with Trusted Semiconductor Solutions, a franchised, MIL-PRF-38535, DoD Category 1A Trusted Accreditation supplier, Trusted Semiconductor Solutions has extensive experience developing radiation hardened microelectronics, such as ASICs, custom ICs, memories, data converters, microprocessors, and standard bus interfaces. Solutions can be developed where:

  • System does not require requalification
  • Boards remain unchanged
  • Software remains unchanged

For more than 10 years, Trusted Semiconductor Solutions has been supplying legacy Rad Hard part replacements of:

  • ASICs and Custom ICs
  • Data converters
  • Memories and Microprocessors
  • Logic and communication links
  • Designs ported to alternative foundry technologies
  • Trusted and QML options to replace 0.8µm, 0.35µm, 150µm, and other legacy technologies
  • ITAR and Trusted assemblies match original package dimensions and footprints
  • Screening and qualification testing performed to match original specifications

Contact All Tech Electronics now to ensure that you have no disruption in your access to the Honeywell products you need.

Posted in All Tech Electronics News, Trusted Semiconductor on Thursday, March 15th, 2018