With our Custom Packaging Services, you can get your parts exactly the way you want them without having to outsource to another provider.

There may be cases, for instance, where you want the functionality that a standard part offers, but it just doesn’t fit your application properly. Simply tell us what you need and our engineering team will design the part so that it fits your application. Here are some of our capabilites:

Hermetic Packaging: Ceramic & Metal Can

  • Ceramic 600 & 400 mil DIP SOJ
  • Two-sided LCC
  • Four-sided LCC
  • Gull Wing
  • QFP
  • PGA
  • Flat Pack
  • Formed-leaded Flat Pack
  • Metal Can

CSP/Plastic Packaging

Chip scale packages offer near-die size footprints and reductions to package thickness and weight.

A chip scale package combines the performance and size advantages of flip chip bare die and the reliability of an encapsulated device in one tiny package. Chip scale packaging is the ideal solution for battery powered small form factor devices such as wearable/hand-held electronics, implantable/non-implantable medical devices, industrial sensors and a variety of military applications.

Key Features

  • Flexible tooling for custom packages
  • Single die design typically 20% larger than die size
  • 0.5mm pitch up to 1.27mm pitch
  • Capable of package heights <1mm
  • MSL level 3 capable

Multi-Chip Modules

Flip Chip and Multi-Chip Module Assembly

We offer a wide array of flip chip assembly capabilities, from single chip placements to multi-chip module and system-in-package assembly of multiple die and components.

  • Flip chip assembly for single and multi-chip applications
  • Precision die placement with accuracies better than ± 0.5 microns
  • Heterogeneous integration with Si, III-V and other device types/materials
  • Plasma Assisted Dry Soldering (PADS) Process enables true fluxless for assembly for Sn-bearing solders

Metal-Metal Bonding for 2.5/3D Technologies

2.5D and 3D integration technologies are driving the integration of devices with extremely high interconnect densities for Si interposer and chip stacking applications.

  • Solid/liquid interdiffusion assembly with CuSn-Cu bump arrays demonstrated down to 10 micron pitch
  • Cu/Cu thermocompression bump bonding demonstrated down to 5 micron pitch
  • Solutions for chip stacking and high thermal stability interconnects that remain solid at high temperatures

Assembly Services

All Tech provides full assembly services for all of your packaging needs.

Our automated and state-of-the-art die attach, wire bond, encapsulation and CSP capabilities allow us to provide competitive solutions for a broad range of technologies. All Tech is registered to the AS9100 Standard reinforcing our commitment to always providing the highest quality of products and services while continuing to meet the stringent needs of our aerospace, space, defense and medical customers.