Counterfeit Prevention

All Tech’s Strategy for Preventing Counterfeit Parts

All Tech knows how important using genuine parts is for our industry. That’s why we’ve implemented a documented procedure via our ISO 9001 / AS 9120 systems that is consistent with the AS5553 and AS6496 standards. Specifically, we prevent counterfeit parts from being used through:

  • Establishing a preference to buy from OCMs or authorized distributors
  • Requiring all product to have traceability back to the OCM with a signed certification of conformance
  • Specifying contract/PO quality requirements
  • Detecting counterfeit parts via incoming inspection
  • Detecting, verifying and controlling counterfeit parts after initial inspection
  • Controlling suspected or confirmed counterfeit parts to prevent re-entry into supply chain
  • Reporting counterfeit parts to customers and other authorities

Download our complete Counterfeit Parts Prevention Procedure