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as9120certAll Tech Electronics achieves AS9120 &
ISO 9001:2016 Certifications.
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Diodes and Transistors
Micross Hi-Rel Diodes Diodes (Rectifiers, TVS, Zener, Diode Assemblies (ISOPAC®), Custom Space-Grade Diodes (JANS, JANTX, and JANTXV)
Sensitron Rectifiers and Transistors
Semicoa Small Signal, RF and Power Transistors, mil spec, space and custom
VPT Components Diodes, Transistors
Solitron Devices power transistors, diodes, rectifiers, power hybrids
SMC Diode Solutions rectifiers, tvs and small signal diodes
Integrated Circuits
Micross Components
(Austin Semiconductor / North Penn Technology / Chip Supply/STS Silicon 360)
Space and Military Flows; Spin Transfer Torque Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (STT-MRAM)

Memory (sram, dram, vram, eprom, eeprom, sdram, flash, TI military memory), Logic, Power, Analog, custom packaging, value added services, bare die, Aerospace, Defense & Space Products

Space and Military; Flow Spin Transfer Torque Magnetoresistive; Random Access Memory (STT-MRAM)
RF and Microwave Switches, Attenuators, Amplifiers, Multi-Chip and Functional
Teledyne e2v Inc. broadband data converters, mram, hi rel microprocessors, micron life extension hi rel IC’s, semiconductor lifecycle management (SLIM)
Teledyne e2v Peregrine RF semiconductor radio frequency integrated circuits (rfics), dc-dc power management space products
Micropac Industries hybrids, multi-chip modules, optocouplers, LEDs

Apogee Semiconductor

Logic Devices To 300K RAD (AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, Inverter, Voter, Flip-Flop), Level Translators, Transceivers
Pyramid Semiconductor sram, eprom, eeprom
Trusted Semiconductor Solutions ASIC design, analog, mixed signal, RF ICs, FPGA development
Tekmos microprocessors, flash memory, high temperature semiconductors, asics, custom packaging, DMS obsolescence
Datel Inc. analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, data acquisition systems, image processors, custom solutions
Stacked Technologies /
Logic Devices Inc
ddr2, ddr3, sram, ssd
ES Components (Siliconix / Vishay ) JFETS MosFETS and analog switches
Electromechanical & Passive
Teledyne Relays solid state relays (including Mil), coaxial switches
Coaxicom precision RF connectors, attenuators, terminations, phase adjusters and cable assemblies
Vanguard Electronics power magnetics, RF inductors / transformers
Gowanda Electronics power magnetics, RF inductors / transformers
Incon Connector pc board, rack and panel
State of the Art, Inc. thick / thin film chip resistors
RF & Microwave
Micross Hi-Rel RF Solutions Control Products (High power PIN switches, GaAs FET switches, digital step attenuators), Amplifiers (GaN and GaAs technology, low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers), Custom & Multi-Chip Modules
Power Supply & Conversion
Micross Hi-Rel Power Solutions Micross Hi-Rel Power Solutions is a leader in power management solutions for high reliability and space applications. Located in San Jose, California, the facility is DLA certified Class K to design and manufacture ruggedized hermetic hybrid DC-DC converters. The group is supported by design centers in Herlev, Denmark for spacecraft power system designs and complex power conversion system solutions, and silicon design center in El Segundo, California. Decades of heritage in high reliability applications signify the company’s unwavering commitment to deliver nothing but the very best in power management solutions to the defense, aerospace, and space industries.

Their standard and radiation-hardened converters are at the heart of systems powering mankind’s most mission critical applications. You’ll find them throughout the world and above it, in commercial and military aircraft, missiles, smart munitions, weapon systems, launch vehicles, LEO/MEO satellites, and GEO satellites.

Micross Hi-Rel Power Solutions’ steady thrust in crafting the best in technology with the best in technique for the industry has resulted in highly reliable solutions rich in innovation and unmatched in ability. Micross Hi-Rel Power Solutions’ new 89% efficient, all-hybrid Electronic Power Conditioner (EPC) developed for spacecraft is but one example.


Click here to download PDF version of the Line Card