As a franchised distributor in business since 1981, ES Components has partnered with strategic manufacturers to provide customers with electronic components including: Integrated Circuits (ICs), Discrete Components (1N, 2N devices) and Passives (R, C, L).

They are:

  • Woman-Owned
  • A QML-38535 Certified Manufacturer
  • QML-38535 certified by Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) offering Hermetic High Reliability Monolithic/Array Semiconductors, Custom Packaging and Obsolete Components/DMSMS Solutions.
ES Components (Siliconix / Vishay)ES Components provides proprietary (Siliconix Inside) JAN and Military Qualified High Reliability Components, through acquisition and design.

Manufacturers around the world rely on ES Components for off-the-shelf DMSMS and DMS obsolete electronic parts and hard-to-find components that cannot be found anywhere else.

ES Components is no longer only a Franchised Distributor, they continue to expand their manufacturing capabilities, to better support the Aerospace, Military and Space markets.

ES Components Manufactures and/or processes their own brand of components and have partnered with SiTime to process and up-screen MEMS Oscillators to High Reliability requirements.

All Tech is a franchised distributor.

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