Tekmos, Inc. provides innovative solutions for connecting the gap between standard parts and a completed finished product with the least risk and the lowest development cost.

They design and manufacture a complete product line of the most cost effective technologies and combine them into highly integrated low cost devices including FPGAs, Microprocessors, Flash Memories, High Temperature Chips and ASICs.

Their goal is to provide customer support for existing and newer technologies, deliver reliable products, and exceed customer expectations. They strive to be the service and quality leader for the markets they serve.

Tekmos, Inc.Tekmos produces custom integrated circuits to meet the needs of their customers. These solutions range from high volume cost reductions for existing applications, to drop in replacements for obsolete parts, to creating entirely new products.

Tekmos can replace much of your existing system with a low cost ASIC. They do the work of partitioning your system, creating and implementing the design, and then manufacturing the chips in any desired volume.

Tekmos produces exact copies of legacy parts by extracting the original schematic from the original layout. The design is converted into Verilog, and resimulated to ensure that it will work correctly in all conditions. Then it is re-implemented in a modern technology, providing a reliable source for future requirements.

It is possible to put multiple die in a single package. Tekmos uses this approach to combine different technologies into a single product. For example, they can combine a 3-volt flash with a 5-volt ASIC to emulate an obsolete 5-volt microprocessor. They can also combine up to 9 different chips in a single package under our Unify program. This capability is for applications where physical size is paramount.

Devices made with SOI CMOS have reduced junction areas, and so can operate at up to 300ºC. Tekmos uses this technology to support high temperature applications such as down-hole oil exploration, jet engines, and certain industrial applications. They also support other high temperature applications up to 200ºC made with bulk silicon devices.

Located in Austin, Texas, Tekmos has been a reliable source of ASICs for hundreds of companies worldwide since 1997. Tekmos is AS9100D certified, and has supplied devices for critical medical and defense projects.

Products from Tekmos:
Microprocessors, Flash Memory, High Temperature Semiconductors, ASICs, Custom Packaging, DMS Obsolescence

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