Quality System and Distribution Center Compliance: ISO 9001:2008 and AS9120

as9120certAll Tech Electronics achieves AS9120 &
ISO 9001:2008 Certifications.
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All Products have Full Documentation and Traceability

Mil Specs Available
Diodes and Transistors
Integrated Circuits
Rad Tolerant

Distribution Services

Custom Packaging

Obsolescence Management

Value Added Services

Material Management

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Diodes and Transistors
Sensitron rectifiers and transistors
Micross Hi-Rel diodes, tvs, power discretes, rectifier
assemblies, hi volt capacitor
Semicoa small signal, RF and power transistors,
mil spec, space and custom
VPT Components diodes, transistors
Solitron Devices power transistors, diodes, rectifiers, power hybrids
SMC Diode Solutions rectifiers, tvs and small signal diodes
Integrated Circuits
Micross Components
(Austin Semiconductor / North Penn Technology / Chip Supply/STS Silicon 360)
sram, dram, vram, eprom, eeprom, sdram, flash, TI military memory, custom packaging, value added services, bare die
Avalanche Technology Space and Military; Flow Spin Transfer Torque Magnetoresistive; Random Access Memory (STT-MRAM)
KCB Solutions RF and Microwave Switches, Attenuators, Amplifiers, Multi-Chip and Functional
Teledyne e2v Inc. broadband data converters, mram, hi rel microprocessors, micron life extension hi rel IC’s, semiconductor lifecycle management (SLIM)
Teledyne e2v Peregrine RF semiconductor radio frequency integrated circuits (rfics), dc-dc power management space products
Micropac Industries hybrids, multi-chip modules, optocouplers, LEDs
Minco Technology linear, ecl, memory, custom packaging
Pyramid Semiconductor sram, eprom, eeprom
Trusted Semiconductor Solutions ASIC design, analog, mixed signal, RF ICs, FPGA development
Device Engineering, Inc. ARINC 429, 571 and 575 line drivers, line receivers, and tranceivers
Tekmos microprocessors, flash memory, high temperature semiconductors, asics, custom packaging, DMS obsolescence
Datel Inc. analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, data acquisition systems, image processors, custom solutions
Stacked Technologies /
Logic Devices Inc
ddr2, ddr3, sram, ssd
ES Components (Siliconix / Vishay ) JFETS MosFETS and analog switches
Electromechanical & Passive
Teledyne Relays solid state relays (including Mil), coaxial switches
Coaxicom precision RF connectors, attenuators, terminations, phase adjusters and cable assemblies
Vanguard Electronics power magnetics, RF inductors / transformers
Gowanda Electronics power magnetics, RF inductors / transformers
Incon Connector pc board, rack and panel
State of the Art, Inc. thick / thin film chip resistors


Click here to download PDF version of the Line Card