Micross introduces a new DDR3 product that boasts some significant benefits to customers designing single board computer systems.

  • 40% space savings vs. Discrete FBGA approach
  • 22% I/O reduction vs. Discrete FBGA approach
  • Reduced part count and I/O reduction improves interconnect reliability of your memory array
  • Reduced trace lengths for lower parasitic capacitance
  • Hi-Reliability over long-term use
  • Designed as SO-DIMM in BGA footprint with Fly-By-Termination
  • Includes VTT, VREFCA and VREFDQ decoupling
  • Coming in November – Level 1 PEM


  • 4GB, 512M x 72 DDR3 array in 408mm2 footprint
  • 3D, Chip Scale Packing via die stacks
  • Decreased signal length, equal length routes
  • Controlled 50 ohm impedance
  • Fly-By-Termination on Substrate laminate
  • Voltage Reference decoupling on Substrate
  • Organic interposer w/tg = 165°C or better
  • Fully qualified product solution including:
    • MSL=3 or better per J-STD-020D
    • 1000hr life-test per JESD22-A110
    • 100 temp-cycles per JESD22-104D
    • BIAS HAST per JESD22-A110, test condition 130°C±2, 85%±5, 33.3psia for 96hrs.

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Density Comparison

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Posted in DDR3, Micross on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018