To address the needs for reduced size, weight and power, e2v offers
cost-effective integrated solutions to improve time-to-market. These include memory modules, multi-chip modules, hybrids and board-level offerings.

Apissys BoardAll Tech Electronics, Inc.

e2v and ApisSys partner to offer VPX/FMC high-speed data acquisition and FPGA-based boards for the North American market.  These boards address the most demanding signal processing aerospace and military applications.
e2v can support selected modifications to standard product offerings to meet unique customer and regional requirements.

This Product is IN STOCK exclusively at All Tech Electronics.

  • Integrated Solutions
Name Description
E2V-AC101 3U VPX open frame development chassis
E2V-AC102 3U VPX 5 slots desktop chassis
E2V-AC103 3U VPX 3 slots desktop chassis
E2V-AF101 FMC test board
E2V-AF202 Radar receiver EW-ESM, LIDAR, SDR
E2V-AF204 W receiver, Arbitrary Broadband Signal Generation, ATE
E2V-AV101 Wide-band Receiver EW-ESM
E2V-AV104 Radar emitter receiver DRFM
E2V-AV107 Phased-array radar receiver EW-ESM
E2V-AV108 Versatile Single Board Computer
E2V-AV109 Wideband communication
E2V-AV112 Wideband communication
E2V-AV113 Phased-array radar-receiver EW-ESM COMINT MIMO
E2V-AV119 Wideband Transceiver with DDC Radar-MIMO
E2V-AV121 Phase-Array Radar Receiver EW-ESM MIMO
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Posted in E2V on Sunday, February 14th, 2016