Quality Management System

All Tech’s Quality Management System

All Tech’s goal is to supply products that meet or exceeds our customers’ expectations. As we are ISO 9001 and AS9120 certified, we distribute products using the highest quality and reliability standards. Following is just a few of the reasons why our quality system is so successful.

Documented Information

Our documented quality system ensures that every process is clearly defined, monitored and maintained regularly. This includes keeping up-to-date with customer requirements and regulatory requirements and standards. As a result, our simple to under system has enabled auditors to conduct on-site audits with ease and satisfaction.

Purchase Order Approval Process

Purchase Orders are reviewed by multiple employees to ensure all customer requirements are met the first time, every time.

Creating Relationships with our Suppliers

Having good working relationships with our suppliers means we are able to get fast accurate updates on orders when necessary. Suppliers are also monitored regularly for on-time delivery and their quality performance. We believe that working together can benefit both All Tech and its customers as well as the suppliers on many levels.

Receiving Product

When product comes in from an approved supplier it is put through a rigorous inspection process. Before being received into our inventory, product is evaluated by a minimum of two different employees trained in handling and inspecting electronic components. Products are inspected for kind, count, condition and acceptance.

Inventory Checks

Daily inventory checks based on a strategic algorithm verification method guarantee that our inventory level is always accurate.

Shipping Product

Our final inspection is no different than the inspection conducted when we receive product into our distribution center. All outgoing product is checked by two different employees trained for handling and inspecting electronic components. This inspection may include additional requirements based on customer specifications that fall outside of the normal order process, such as value added (hot solder, testing, etc.) and packaging requirements (tape and reel, individual, waffle, etc.). Orders are packed so there is no risk of damage during transportation.

Returned Material Authorization

All Tech staff will work diligently to uncover the root cause of any material returned because it does not meet requirements and will respond with any corrective action necessary if at fault.

Continuous Improvement

All Tech has adopted the Kaizen and Lean methodology for continuous improvement, listening to its employees for recommendations that will make day-to-day processes more efficient.