DMS Title

All Tech and their strategic business partners have joined forces to create a unique business unit that addresses the challenges of today’s DMS problem. Anyone familiar with DMS knows that changes in technology, limited availability of die or raw materials, and the relatively small size of the military and aerospace market combine to impact your systems and applications.

All Tech takes Obsolescence Management to a new level by incorporating all of the key ingredients required for program supportability. Complete life cycle management and software processes have been encompassed within our program to meet your specific requirements with solution workflow and best practices options. Call your All Tech representative for more info.

Capabilities Sheet



  • Full Temperature Up-Screening
  • Memory Testing
  • Microprocessor Testing
  • Linear Testing
  • Logic Testing
  • ASIC Testing
  • RF Testing
  • Full Static and Dynamic Burn-in
  • Controlled Chamber Testing
  • Multi-site Handlers
  • Lead Trim/Form
  • Part Marking


  • Multi-Chip/Monolithic
  • Class 100 Clean Room
  • Silicon, SOS, and GaAs
  • Die Attach – JM7000, Eutectic, Epoxy, Solder
  • Wire Bond – Aluminum and Gold
  • Seal – Solder, Glass Frit, Seam Seal, Can Weld
  • Vacuum Bake
  • Surface Mount Assembly
  • Radiation Tolerant Packages


  • Component, Evaluation, and Qualification
  • Sub-Assembly Design
  • Sonoscan CSAM
  • X-Ray
  • Stud Pull
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Steam Age/Solderability
  • Salt Spray
  • Thermal Shock
  • PIND Lead Fatigue
  • ESD Testing
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Hermetic Testing
  • Technical Support
  • SEM Inspection
  • Centrifuge
  • Bond Pull
  • Mechanical Shock and Vibration
  • SPC

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