Space Level Test Flow Screening Now Available

Semtech Space Level Test Flow screening is now available for our Discrete Semiconductor Product Line. This screening can be applied to both our standard QPL as well as QPL equivalent diodes that are manufactured in our DSCC certified production facility.

Discrete Semiconductors Products

Qualified Parts List
Half Wave Rectifier (Power
Single Phase Full Wave Bridge
Half Wave, High Voltage
TVS Rectifiers
Zener Diode Voltage Regulators
Half Wave, High Current
Three Phase Full Wave Bridge,
Center Tap and Doubler
Single Phase Center Tap and
Doubler Assemblies
High Voltage Capacitors


Semtech Corporation is a leading supplier of high-quality analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products. We are dedicated to providing you with proprietary solutions and breakthrough technology in power management, circuit protection, timing and synchronization, touch interface, video broadcasting, high-performance optical transport equipment (SerDes), high-reliability military products, low-power wireless RF, and digital sensor/signal conditioning ICs.

Our products are used in some of the most innovative systems and in some of the fastest growing markets in the industry. These markets include Smartphones, LCD TVs, Notebook Computers, Wireless LAN Modems, Automatic Meter Reading, Ultra-Low Power Medical, Satellite Communication, Cellular Infrastructure, Optical Transport and Datacenters.

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