We are committed to the Rad Hard market. All Semicoa products are designed to meet radiation hardness requirements. Our line of Rad Hard devices are specifically designed to tolerate higher levels of radiation and are guaranteed at a high level of statistical performance (0.99/90%, KTL Statistics for each parameter and parameter delta), above and beyond what the industry requires for RHA qualification.SEMICOA is the first supplier of RHA diodes to the market, thereby eliminating the need to perform radiation tests. We have the in-house capability to perform most environmental and life tests required by MIL-PRF-19500 for JAN through JANS level transistors, included additional tests specific to customer requirements. All areas are ESD compliant.Certifications
SEMICOA products are certified to the following standards:
MIL-PRF-19500 (JANS Level)
ISO 9001-2000 and AS9100:2004 Rev. B

Semicoa - High Reliability SemiconductorsSEMICOA CORPORATION is a leader in the design and development of bi-polar transistors and MOSFETs for high-reliability applications in the military, aerospace, automotive, industrial and medical industries. Quality and high reliability are the cornerstones that military, aerospace and space applications are built upon. For 44 years, SEMICOA has been Trusted Everywhere . Semicoa specializes in the manufacture of discrete silicon semiconductors focusing on small signal transistors and MOSFETs for military, aerospace and space industries in the Asia, the United States and Western Europe. The design, development and government qualification (JANS, MIL-PRF-19500, Space Level) for the production of electronic components and it is ISO9001:2000, and AS9100:2004 Rev B certified.

Its leading edge manufacturing facility performs discrete and hybrid assembly utilizing innovative techniques and processes. High volume production is performed on dedicated assembly lines to reduce cost and increase throughput. Semicoa constantly expands product, equipment and production capabilities to meet the growing demand of its customers for high reliability and Rad Hard products.

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Test 11 samples per wafer for all RHA Product!