Micross Hi-Rel Components (Austin Semiconductor / North Penn Technology / Chip Supply / STS Silicon 360) brings to our customers the finest Hi-Rel memory, high density memory modules and custom semiconductor and specialty product solutions. They have developed professional relationships with many semiconductor manufacturers that enable them to purchase state of the art semiconductor devices which they then assemble and process to meet customer requirements. Micross is dedicated to continuous improvement of all their products and services. This means continual improvements to avoid defects. SPC is used in all construction processes to measure process variability to assure long term product reliability. It also means an ongoing quality program which includes their certification as a QML manufacturer and ISO 9002 certification. Micross intends to remain a major supplier to the military and space market today and assume an even larger role in the future. They will continue to service fully compliant Mil-Std 883 and SMD requirements and also offer screened products that allow customers to purchase the grade of product suitable for a specific requirement.

Micross Hi-Rel Components

Micross is the most complete provider of advanced microelectronic services and component, die and wafer solutions. With the broadest authorized access to die & wafer suppliers, an extensive portfolio of hi-rel power, RF, optoelectronics, memory, data bus, logic, and SMD/5962 qualified products, and the most comprehensive advanced packaging, assembly, modification, upscreening, and test capabilities, Micross is uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled high-reliability solutions, from bare die, to fully packaged devices including hermetic ICs/MCMs, PEMs, ASICs, FPGAs, and PCBs, to complete program lifecycle sustainment. For more than 45 years, Micross has been a trusted source for the aerospace, defense, space, medical, energy, communications, and industrial markets.

Certified to MIL-PRF-38534 Class H, MIL-PRF-38534 Class Q and MIL-PRF-38535 Class V (assembly) and the first non-OEM company to earn the DSCC QML certification is a testimony to an unwavering commitment to quality. As a QML supplier fully certified to AS9100:2009 and ISO 9001:2008, they meet or exceed the demands of the military, aerospace, transportation, medical diagnostic and industrial-imbedded markets. Their stated goal is to continue providing our customers with a full service solution, while upholding a long-tenured reputation and tradition of strict quality and reliability standards.

Products & Services from ASI Micross Hi-Rel Components:

  • Memory (STT-MRAM, sram, dram, vram, eprom, eeprom, sdram, flash, TI military memory )
  • Logic (Ceramic & PEM)
  • Power (SiC, GaN)
  • Analog (Regulators, Amps, Comparators, ADC/DAC, Line Drive/Receivers, Power Discretes)
  • Custom Hermetic Packaging & Assembly (CCGA, DIP SOJ, LLC, Gull Wing, QFP, PGA, Flat Pack, Metal Can)
  • Custom Plastic Packaging & Assembly (BGA/CSP/QFN)
  • Advanced Packaging (2.5/3D heterogeneous Integration, WLP, MCMs, Microfabrication & MEMS)
  • Testing & Assembly Qualification
  • PEM Upscreening
  • Value Added Services: Counterfeit Mitigation Services
  • Value Added Services: Component Modification Services

All Tech is a franchised distributor for all Micross Products & Services.

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