STACKED is the leader in applying innovative heterogeneous 2.5 and 3D stacking technologies including die stacking, package on package stacking, and silicon on silicon stacking to provide levels of electronic integration “beyond Moore’s Law”. Artfully applied combinations of these capabilities, used as most appropriate, offer the path to maintaining the pace of progress as we approach the end of lithographic scaling.

Our highly integrated, high performance memory modules (HiMODs) offer up to 90% reduction in memory systems for server, networking, mobile, and embedded applications. Coming soon, our SSD on a chip (SSDoC) will offer similar advantages for mass storage.

Logic Devices products have been used in high resolution medical diagnostic imaging systems, the telecommunications network backbone, and semiconductor test systems. Widely recognized defense programs including the cruise missile, the Patriot missile, the common missile warning system, the Sincgars radio, the JDAM smart bomb, classified intelligence gathering systems, as well as many lesser known programs have relied on LOGIC products. LOGIC strives to provide quality products in a timely manner at a competitive cost. LOGIC is an ISO9001 and a DLA SMD qualified supplier.

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High speed integrated memory modules. Currently up to 4GB dual channel addressing in 16 x 22 mm package. Available in economical commercial, industrial, extended temperature and full military temperature ranges. Speeds to 1866 Mbs. Word widths to 80 bits. Ideal for single board computers, man portable equipment, and handheld devices where space is critical. SMD asynchronous SRAMs. Over 100 SMD dash numbers supported. Ceramic DIP, SOJ, and LCC packaging. Fast and low power.

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