For more than 50 years, Gowanda has been a leading manufacturer of board-level magnetic inductive components for the OEM electronics marketplace. Our extensive product line includes axial-lead & surface mount RF and power inductors, chip coils, conicals, lead and lead-free designs, pot cores, qualified product list (QPL) components, shielded/unshielded designs, switching power supply magnetics, toroids, transformers, tunable coils, and application-specific configurations.

Industry Leader in Inductors
Gowanda is a leader in the design and production of robust inductors for the military/aerospace and defense industries. The company’s success is derived from decades of magnetics expertise combined with focused attention on the requirements in such demanding applications and a collaborative relationship with customers’ design engineering teams. Numerous inductor series have achieved Qualified Product List status as a result of Gowanda’s commitment to the process controls, testing, and investment required. Gowanda’s capabilities include ruggedized designs, high temperature interconnects, high current, shielded, and more.

ISO 9001:2000 Certified
AS 9100 Certified
Qualifications and Military Standards
QPL achieved per:
MIL-PRF-27 QPL – some series to Level T
MIL-PRF-39010 QPL – to Level R
QPL in process – check status
AEC-Q200 Qualified
ITAR Registered
Performance Parameters & Testing
Environmental Lab

Operating temperatures from -55°C to +220°C
In-house environmental testing including thermal shock, life test, shock and vibration
Lot & date code traceability as required
Application-specific designs that meet stringent electrical or mechanical requirements
Ruggedization of components designed specifically to withstand the rigors of the military, aerospace and defense markets
Micro/ultra-miniature inductors and transformers for hybrid applications
Lead (Pb) and lead-free offerings; RoHS
No design obsolescence

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