Electronic systems in defense, aerospace, and high reliability markets require greater levels of performance and reliability than conventional semiconductors can support.
e2v offers high-reliability semiconductors and services to meet these exacting requirements. Developed under strategic partnerships with Freescale, Everspin, Maxim, and Micron, e2v provides a range of specially qualified versions of many standard products.
We also design and develop high-speed data converters, microprocessors, and mutliple analog and logic functions. Other services including hi-rel assembly, packaging and test, extended availability of obsolete and end-of-life integrated circuits, and semiconductor lifecycle management, under our SLiM™ brand.

Teledyne e2v


Teledyne e2v inc. headquarters are located in Milpitas, California. The company is the largest fabless semiconductor firm serving the military and high-reliability industries. Historically, e2v has focused on designing, re-engineering, and providing a full range of manufacturing capabilities to extend the life of classic ICs for a host of mission-critical programs, primarily providing replacement hermetic parts for DMS (Diminished Manufacturing Sources) and EOL (End of Life) products. e2v continues to add new products that will expand this horizon to include many new technologies and products.
• QML Class Q and Class V certified manufacturer
• Broad product line supplier
• More than 3,600 QML-approved products
• Manufacturing flows for Military, Space, and Commercial
• Fabrication, assembly, test, burn-in, full qualification
• Expertise in legacy, discontinued, and end-of-life military ICs
• Experienced design team to support standard or custom design projects

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