August 10, 2015 – All Tech Electronics is happy to announce we’ve added a new franchise to our line card. Trusted Semiconductor, an AS9100 qualified supplier, does on-shore electronic product development solutions for space, military & defense, radiation sensing and industrial markets.

Their Military & Defense solutions are ITAR compliant and provide long term access to electronics. They leverage the latest technology and manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of critical military, aerospace and defense applications. This includes supporting reliability, qualification, vendor item drawings (VIDs), standard microcircuit drawings (SMDs) and MIL-STD testing. Electronic system and integrated circuit development are performed under an AS9100 quality system. They screen all parts per MIL-PRF-38535 and MIL-STD-883, meeting the stringent quality and reliability requirements for military & defense semiconductors and electronics. Trusted Semiconductor Solutions provides integrated circuit package development and assembly for space flight semiconductors. They offer the latest ceramic, hermetic and organic package technology, including column grid arrays (CCGA), flip chip bonding, 3D packaging, and multi-chip modules (MCMs).

A significant entry point for All Tech with Trusted is their expertise in ASIC, custom, mixed signal, RFIC and FPGA development for commercial, industrial, military and rad-hard applications.

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